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"Why are you bulling our waifus. They are innocent and pure."

-Waifu Fag Lords defending their waifus.

Waifu Fag Lords are enemy NPCs from the anti-waifu anime/manga/VRvideogamegame Bizarre Adventure of Hakumen and Friends.


Also known as "The Fans", these motherfucking weeaboos breath waifu seduction theory. They have fully chose themselves to worshiping their waifus as Waifu Idols. They cannot cum to realize that they are in love with pillows. They are stinky weeb neckbeards who watch RWBY because it has cute girls and cannot play an actual fighting game because they are scrubz. And they have shit taste in waifus.

When they hear the cries of their waifus, they immediately haiyai to their waifus defens.

They are later defeated by Susanoo's croissant attack FighterZ style.


First appear in Blazblue Cross Tag Battle Anime Vol.2 Episode 1 "Hidden Threat" where they come to 2B and Asuna's defense. They try to tell Hakumen and Susanoo to fuck off before getting rekt FighterZ style by Susanoo's croissant attack.

The purple shirt Waifu Fag Lord manages to regenerate after the croissant attack and is later seen in the side episode "EDGELORD" where he is seen next to his gaylord buddy excited over Mai and Mika's confirmation in BB Cross Tag Battle. A Normal Guy appears to give his voice and opinion on adding better characters than fanservice trash waifus. Purple shirt Waifu Fag Lord then acts like a big dick and calls Normal Guy an EDGELORD, while his gaylord buddy calls Normal Guy gay, even though the gaylord is a gay hypocrite himself. What will Normal Guy do at this point? How will he counter against purple shirt Waifu Fag Lord and his gaylord buddy? Find out next week on the next episode of Hakumen Ball Z Super Fighter Z Tag Battle.


  • These weeaboos have the ability to evolve into "Weeaboo Edgy McEdgeLords" when given Kirito candy. Evolving into EdgeLords allows them to wield higher level weapons such as Cantanas, Kitchen utilities, and Naruto running.