"I am Thot slayer Jotaro and I am giving all power to Merkava"

-Thot slayer Jotaro

Like the other multi-alternate-anti-hyper-universe not much is known yet about Thot slayer jotaro

In Hakumen the movie, Thot Slayer Jotaro sacrificed his life to try and kill as many thots as he can in order to avenge Po the first from frieza's race

First appearance Edit

Thot slayer jotaro make his appearance in Episode 2 "Merkava's DLC advnture EXTEND, but you forgot to pay for Blake DLC" giving all of his power to Merkava so he can use true power of chaos emerald

Then appear in BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle anime Vol. 2 Episode 3 "Oops" at end credit where he ask for Princess Trunks.

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