Dinner Breaker Lore Wiki

"Oops, I accidentally spilled my new special Subway sauce."

-The Subway Guy came on Es... >X(

The Subway Guy is an enemy NPC from Blazblue Cross Tag Battle anime.


He is perveted pervert lolicon from Subway. He likes to fuck loli waifus and can't control his dick. Somehow managed to break out of perverts jail and is now invading Blazblue Cross Tag Battle and Multi-Ultra-Alternate-Anti-Hyper-Universe to fuck loli waifus and eat sandwiches. U don't wana kno his "special sauce"...


First introduce in BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle anime Vol. 2 Episode 3 "Oops", he is pointed as THOT queen Es's court lolicon after kickin out Hazmat. He cums on Es (ew) and then procedes to go and destroy Hakujmen and friends and look for lolis to fuck. He tries to use special sauce attack on Hakjumen, but Omega Gru appears to defend him. He finds a lost Platelet and sends Kuroda to take care of Omega Gru and then tries to fuck the Platelet, but blows up by Relish Pinocchio MK 2 and Hazmat because they likes to experiment on lolis. He then sacrifics himself and Kuroda to summon The Greatest Lolicon to destroy them. But then blows up after by Hazmat.


  • You don't wanna kno wats in his sandwhich...