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Ruby Rose

She is like 0 tier character. She literally can control time, shape, energy, and all substances that exist or ever existed. Like the One Above All from Marvel comics

Yang Xiao Long, when kirito gets rekt of THOT Queen Es

Ruby Rose is a waifu character in Multi-Ultra-Alternate-Anti-Hyper-Universe, and also the most powerful character who is equal to Marvel's One Above All.


[SPOILER ALERT] She first appeared at BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Anime Episode 1. Hakumen and Susano'o pursue and kill her, but they just managed to kill her clone.

The real Ruby is in fact still alive. Future Hakumen told Hakumen that THOT Queen Es has made a lot of clones of Ruby Rose around the BlazBlue world for the sake of waifufags. (Damn that Queen).

Hakumen The Movie[]

One of Es' creation is Gorby, which is created by combining Gordeau and Ruby to defeat THOT Slayers. Gorbys are so fucking weak that 7 of them can't kill an SSJ4 Azrael.

Ruby herself had held all of the Infinity Cakes in a gauntlet. Po the First from Frieza race, THOT Slayer Jotaro, and Merkava tried to steal the gauntlet but Po gets rekt by Yang Xiao Long and is ded. Merkava only managed to steal it briefly.

Ruby gave THOT Queen Es the gauntlet but THOT Queen thinks it's not enough so she told Ruby to reset the Multi-Ultra-Alternate-Anti-Hyper-Universe aka waifuverse.

At the end of the movie Hakumen the legendary THOT slayer stomped Ruby infinity times.

Personality and Abilities[]

Ruby is a fucking autistic dork who has a special interest for edgy weapons. For example, Ragna the Bloodedge's blade.

Some of Ruby's abilities shown in dinner breaker lore are:

  • Shapeshifting. Her clone can shapeshift into a cow, so we can assume Ruby could do the same
  • The power to reap souls as shown in BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle anime episode 2
  • She can take back her infinity gauntlet from Merkava in no time
  • She literally resets universe, but she is so stupid that Hakumen can avenge her back