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"Buenos Dias Mai"

-Pinocchio favorite quote after slapping Mai's ass.

Pinocchio is an NPC in the Oscar's Worthy anime/video game/mango Bizarre Adventure of Hakumen and Friends.


Pinocchio was a puppet boi who was staying with his creator Geppetto until Relius came and bribed Geppetto 99.99 bucks to get the puppet boi. Geppetto said deal and gave the boi to Relius to get some more traps for his "experiment". Relius has augmented Pinocchio to get traps, but Pinocchio instead slaps females asses, which results in females slapping Relius in the face.


First appears in Bizzare adventure of Hakumen and friends Vol.1 Episode 2 "Merkava's DLC adventure EXTEND" where Relius buys Pinocchio to get Mai the trap for his "experiment" by using his 214214 D (his Astral or his Dicc). Pinocchio instead slaps Mai's ass, which results in Mai Distortion Driving Relius's dick and sending him off to Planet Namek.

Pinocchio later appears in the later episode's openings where he is upgraded into "Pinocchio MK-2". He is seen both in Ignis's dress and in the shirtless body of the Naruto Shippuden ninja puppet.


  • Relius's perverted influence has influenced Pinocchio to perversely slap females asses, which results in Relius receiving slaps to his face. Or Mai's Distortion Drive to his crotch.


Relius and Pinocchio MK-2 after Relius "altering" Pinocchio's body.