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-Phil Swift as he wins a perfect match in BBCTB

Phil Swift is an ally NPC and THOT WAIFU Slayer in Blazbui Crozz Tab Pattle danime.


Phil Swift started out as medicine cpmmercial man and healed and closed up wounds with flex tape and flex glue and flex paint. Den he went mad and decided to slayer THOT WAIFUS becauze dey annoy him. THOT WAIFU Slayers found him cool and sayd he can join. So now he is commendere.


He first appeared in 5th fate in BlazBlue CTB as an exclusive guest character for FREE in the most boring- i mean super duper spectacular video gaem BBCTB. He later appears in the finale episodey of the BBCTB animey Hakjumen The Movie shown fighting alongside his team against the THOT WAIFUS.


Phil Swift delivering a SWIFT Knife Move on Jake Puke.


  • Despite telling people not to eat flex products, he still eats flex products to gain super pwoers. Also Flex Knife confirmed! Coming soon to your home television.
  • Is hinted to be eben stronber thatn Po and Thomas combined.
  • May be related to Taylor "THOT" Swift since both are very swift and light on their feet.