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"Fine I'll give you back 10 bucks that I borrowed from you last week."

-Overlord Baron after calling out Overlord for Zero Waifu Plan.

Overlord Baron is one of the Waifu Slayers and THOT Slayers in the Da Univasu and a manga exclusive character in Hakumen's Bizarre Adventures The Mango.


Also known as Kamen Rider Baron or Lord Baron in short, Overlord Baron HATES waifus. He joined the Waifu Slayers and THOT Slayers to get beat shit out of all the waifus and when he heard there were more waifus coming to BB Cross Tag battle, he could not let this opportnity slide.


Overlord Baron first apears in Hakumen's Bizarre Adventures The Mango as an ally of Overlord. Since both of them are Overlords, they got along quite well, beating shit out of waifus.

Overlord Baron makes a full appearance in BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle anime Vol. 2 Episode 3 "Oops", where he as a best friend and Po calls out best friend Overlord for trying to destroy all waifus and not bring balance in univas, but he owes him 10 bucks anyways.


  • Both Overlord and Overlord Baron are best Overlord friends.
  • When he mentions that the waifu shit "has already come to horses and blood cells" he's refering to Uma Musume Pretty Derby and Cells at Work respectively. The most you learn.


Our hero Overlord Baron giving fisting a whole new meaning.