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According "Overlord: Fellowship of Evil", Fourth Overlord (Overlord 2 protagonist) must be dead. But he came back out of nowhere and took his throne back. In his past, Fourth Overlord was very weak (he even couldn't kill a fatman in armor 1 on 1), but somehow he became unbelievably strong. How much he is powerful now and how did he got this power is still a big question.

Zero waifu plan[]

No one knows what is a motivation of Overlord's "Zero waifu plan". Overlord just carries waifus to his torture room, then he rapes them almost to the death. After this waifu gets AIDS, stops being waifu and loses her fanservice powers.

In recent appearance in BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle anime Vol. 2 Episode 3 "Oops" Overlord tries to destroy all waifus, but best friend Overlord Baron and Po tell him to stopp because Thomas the Dank Engine tell that he need to bring balanse in univass and nto eredicat all waifus as a prank on weebs. Also overpowered just because he is.

Fun facts[]

  1. Overlord got ability to control all diseases that spread by urogenital way. They don't affect him.
  2. After waifu got raped she can't move about for a week.
  3. "Zero waifu plan" is no joke4.
  4. . Overlord character is explained by creator of bizarre adventure of hakumen and friends aka Dinnerbreaker
  5. Can swing spears out of his sword. First did it to Weiss.

"Originally Overlord was a joke about BBTAG community dreaming to see characters from other franchises. Wishes like:'' I want Velvet from Tales of Berseria I want Ryuko from Kill la Kill I want Aang from Avatar (or even fucking Kora) I want Saber from Fate (or another character from Fate) I want “my favorite” character from Fire Emblem I want 2b from Nier Automata even fucking I want Asuna from SAO I want Filia from Skullgirls I want my waifu from my shitty anime And argument is always something like: “this will be lit” or “that would be sick”. Moral of this shit: Overlord and his “Zero waifu plan” is result of BBTAG community’s desires Overlord makes more sense to be in BBTAG than character you want."