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"I am Omega Gru, the member of Multi-Ultra-Alternate-Anti-Hyper-Universe THOT Patrol. Hakumen, you must hurry up because in this world happening something more than you could expect."

-Omega Gru after defending Hakjumen and Frienz.

Omega Gru is an ally NPC in Blazblue Cross Tag Battle anime.


Omega Gru is from Minionverse of Univase. He has all the chaos emmeralds, all the powerfull sowrds and shie3;lds and magic the gathering cards to make him omega powerful. He is family man and joins THOT Patrol to helps univaers stop waifus thots from making everything perverted.


First appears in BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle anime Vol. 2 Episode 3 "Oops" where he saves Hakjumen from Subway Guy's special sauce atttack. He then encounters Kuroda and comes to Rrelisuh Pinoccho and Hazmat's aid when facing Subway Guy again. Then leaves with them so Hazmat can blow up The Greatest Lolicon.


  • Knows how to deal with THOTs.
  • Can use Minion army to do his bidding.