"U really think that I am Noel?"
-Noel before revealing herself as Vsauce

Noel is an NPC in the anti-waifu anime/manga/vedioVRgame Bizarre Adventure of Hakumen and Friends.

Background Edit

Noel is one of the waifus in the Blazblue universe. She is main character of Blazblue games until Ragna stole her spotlight and turned into becom damsel in distres. She is nice girl, cute @#$!^@#$% wait... what the fuck... anyways, she is badass, friendly, caring, kind, independent girl !@$#%!#@$%, oh shit... It seems that I have been tricked into waifu seduction theory too. NOooooooooo...

Thank god my inner THOT has been calmed for now. Anyways, back to the topic of (not)trash waifu.

Appearances Edit

First appears in Bizarre Adventure of Hakumen and Friends Vol.1 Episode 3 "Don't give Whiskas to your cat" where she seems to appear as herself, but it turns out it was a TRAP Vsauce all along, talking about boobs from trash anime Konosu(ck my dick)ba. Later gets rekt by the Angry German Kid and the Counter Strike Players Squadron.

Later appears at the end of Blazblue Cross Tag Battle Anime Vol.2 Episode 2 "Injustice" where she retreives a page to her cook book. The page in particular talks about recipes for diarrhea poison, wtf is she thinking next? Find out next week on the next episode of next video.

Trivia Edit

  • To the fucking Waifu Fag Lord Weeaboo Shitheads, she wears underwear you going commando hentai weeaboos. Fuck you too Mori for your stupid Schrodinger art trick. You can suck my Schrodinger dick Mori (jk psych jk please do not send me to Princess Zamasu).

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Hint: She's only 5. Good luck.

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