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To see the THOT Slayers archenemies, see Waifuverse

<br>The Multi-Ultra-Alternate-Anti-Hyper-Universe is the entire plain of existence that contains all galaxies, solar systems, planets, and dimensions residing in it. It contains the cosmic energy to make fiction into reality. It also requires the Infinity Cakes to manipulate da univasu energy and do thingies like travel across dimensions and make characters playable in BB Cross Tag Battle dimension.

However, the waifus are causing a disturbance in the Multi-Ultra-Alternate-Anti-Hyper-Universe. They are gathering perverts to make the Multi-Ultra-Alternate-Anti-Hyper-Universe perverted. That is why a super group known as the "Waifu Slayers" and "THOT Slayers" have formed. Their job is to keep da univasu from being perverted. And especially in BB Cross Tag Battle dimension.

Turns out dat Universe attracts all waifus from every dimension and they are overfloding. Accordin to Thomas The Dank Engine, there mst be balance of waifus in Univers, but also cannot erase all waifus. But Overlord want to destroy all waifus anyway, so his best friend Overlord Baron and Po are sent by Thomas to convinse him to stopp plann. Zero waifu plan is so crazy, even Overlord Baron is freaked out by it. And he hate waifus.

List of members of the Waifu and THOT Slayers can be listed here: