"Behold the Ultimate Power of Merkava Dorado. Now I gonna finish with you. And I am not doing it for saving world. Not because I hate waifufags. I am doing it because I am so fucking hungry."
-Merkava declaring his determination to defeating Pervert's Fanfiction Earth Chan Es
Merkava is one of the protagonists in the hit anime/video game/mango Bizarre Adventure of Hakumen and Friends.

Backstory Edit

Merkava is the sone of Hakumen and Arakune. He inheritz the hair from his father Hakumen and the long armz from his father Arakune. He has grown up to become a hungry boi and hates waifus. Then he puts two and too togheter and decides to eat waifus for lunch. Doesn't normally act like much of a son to his father Hakumen, but nonetheless works with his father Hakumen in order to defeat the waifufags and Mori's waifu army. In the mangamango, he meets Kamen Rider Amazon Alpha and both become best friends since they both love to beat shit out of waifufags and are EXTREMLI Hongrie.

Appearances Edit

First appears in Blazblue Cross Tag Battle Perfect Character Roster Part 2 where his partner Dinner Breaker abandons him after Dinner Breaker is tricked into believing to the waifu seduction theory. Merkava then decides to tri and enter into BB Cross Tag Battle and faces many challenges before reuniting with his father Hakumen and joining forces with Adachi and Susanoo.

Bizarre adventure of Hakumen and friends Volume 1 l Episode 4 Edit

After the Da hour of reckoning Hakumen , Susanoo/Terumi , Adachi , Merkava team up and goes to find mori and then procced to fight him for creating the waifu madness. After this Fursona come out of nowhere and steal waifufag mori power and reveal that he is actually [SPOILER ALERT] Ajit Pai and hakumen and friends got their ass kicked but ajit pai got diarrhea cursed by overlord servant and died

Bizarre adventure of Hakumen and friends Volume 2 l Episode 2 Edit

Merkava is seen traveling with hakumen and friends to where edgy mori point out in the map after Merkava heard story about recreation of the world from hakumen he say it better not be a joke because he didn't got to finish his lunch and is very angery after traveling for a while hakumen and friends encountered Nine then Adachi procced to say "Can you move your ass faster" which result in 6 1/2 hours rant about her rights she then tell them about infinity cakes and move on. After traveling for awhile hakumen and friends encountered Tsubaki and she challenge hakumen to dual.

Trivia Edit

  • Is also known as Merkava Dorado Devorador (Merkava the Golden Devourer) and can speak fluent espanol in this ultimate form.
  • Merkava and Amazon Alpha make perfect team because both are very badass fighterz.
  • Also called "Long Boi" by Fursona because of his noodle arms, also earning him the nickname "Noodles" by Amazon Alpha.

Gallery Edit

Merkava Dorado Devorador Ultimate Form

Merkava activating Dorado Devorador during his fight with Earth Chan Es.

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