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-Mai angrily reacting to Relius before Distortion Driving Relius's crotch to Namek.

Mai Natsume is an enemy NPC from the anti-waifu anime/manga/vedioVRgame Bizarre Adventure of Hakumen and Friends.


Mai is a trash trap waifu. She used to be a guy, but then became a girl and decides to stay as a girl because she's used to being a boy inside girl. Now she is trash trap waifu currently, but her voice is still a man's deep voice. SHE IS A THOT. She guards to gates to enter into Blazblue Cross Tag Battle's roster and listens to her master Mori's orders.


Mai first appears in Bizarre Adveture of Hakumen and Friends Vol.1 Episode 1 "Power of Friendship" where she guards the gates to enter into BB Cross Tag Battle roster. Hakumen tries to enter, but Mai is being an ass and won't let him through because of Mori's orders. Hakumen fights Mai, but she's fucking cheating with the training mode options and she wins the battle. Hakumen later returns with Susanoo after developing the Power of Friendship together and then they turn into Susanoo Super Saiyan (Saiyajin) Blue and Hakumen Blanco and kick Mai's ass.

Mai later appears in Bizzare adventure of Hakumen and friends Vol.1 Episode 2 "Merkava's DLC adventure EXTEND" where she recovers from the previous battle and continues to watch over the gate. Then Relius tries to get Mai for his "trap experiment" by using Pinocchio for his Astral. Pinocchio then proceeds to grab Mai, only to slap her ass instead. This pisses her off and then she proceeds to Distortion Drive Relius's dick into Namek.


  • She's totally a dude. The voice gives it away.
  • Waifufags are so dumb, they are fapping to a girl who's actually a trap boy. Waifufags have shit taste.
  • This skintight outfit looks (and is) ridiculous. This has got to be the most blatant trashiest fetish outfit I have seen.


Mai Distortion Driving Relius's dick into Namek.