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"It would be ridiculous if it wasn't truth."

-Future Hakumen

Future hakumen are the hakumen who come from future to warns the present hakumen about the destruction of entire Blazblue universe

First appearance[]

You may think Future hakumen actually come first in Episode 2 Vol.2 but the Future Future Hakumen actually appear first in OVA "Terrible fate of hakumen mains" when XxX ParryKing657645643 XxX watch new blazblue crosstag battle and got 1 big disappointment, then jeff kaplan come out of nowhere and said that overwatch has hakumen and it show the that there is actually hakumen which is actually Future Future Hakumen

Bizarre adventure of Hakumen and friends Volume 2 l Episode 1[]

After hakumen fought tsubaki duel she called baiken for help then run away this action make hakumen angery then sudden out of nowhere Future hakumen the abysswalker come and destroy baiken and then tell hakumen about the destruction of Blazblue universe and how he need to get 4 infinity cakes before THOT Queen Es got these and reveal that the ruby hakumen and terumi defeat is actually a clone and she is working for THOT Queen Es , Future hakumen said that he got the news from Future Future hakumen who was warned by Future Future Future Hakumen who found it from future future future future hakumen who found out it from future future future future future Hakumen who saw it on Koefficient's stream