"Hope you will have a peaceful day"

-Definitely not kira

Backstory Edit

Definitely not kira (Former david bowie) used to live in a town called morioh with his quiet life he has hand fetish and like to kill thots and steal their hand until he got beat by Young Robbie rotten and then he got fucking killed by ambulance and then dies then he got send to hell or something and tries to activate bite the dust but it didn't work and he got succ by the hands and got teleported to somewhere we don't know the only thing we know is he is a good friend with Adachi and has his number

First appearanceEdit

He appear in Episode 4 "Edgelords Forever" in the scene where adachi and terumi is trapped in hell for edgelords and encounter Dark bloom and evil looking ass monster Adachi has no other choice left so he send message to Definitely not kira and he appear in mere second and destroy Dark bloom and evil looking ass monster,Definitely not kira then said "Hope you will have a peaceful day" and disappeared

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