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"I don't even know how to describe this motherfucker."

-Kamen Rider Amazon Alpha describing Carmine.

"Why da hell are you just stay and watch? They have beaten me because you a freaking weakling that can't even fight. What a shitty teammate."

-Carmine after getting his ass beat by JHakujmen.

Carmine is an enemy NPC from the edgy but not too edgy anime/videogame/comicmangamango Bizarre Adventure of Hakumen and Friends.


Omg, this fucking drag queen edgelord motherfucker is so stupid because he has no class and just wants to be a Joker Terumi wannabe. He is described to have the "brain of a minion" by Overlord's servant. He's not wrong. Carmine can't stop laughing his fuckin brains out. Literally. That's why he was given the Burger King viking helmet so that his brains can stop leaking out from his stupid smug face. I hope Kamen Rider Amazon Alpha gets in the next Blazblue Cross Tag Battle game sequel to beat the shit out of drag queen Carmine. And I don't believe this motherfucker is in fucking highschool. This motherfucking drag queen should go back to his Castlevania fanfiction dimension where he belongs.


First appears in Bizarre Adventure of Hakumen and Friends Vol.1 Episode 4 "Edgelords Forever" where he is hired by Overlord to join his minion army in the post credits.

He later appears in Blazblue Cross Tag Anime Vol. 2 Episode 2 "Injustice" where he is shown in the beginning to be morphing into different shapes because his brain span is -9001 IQ. Even Overlord's minions can solve a math test better than Carmine. He is last seen with a bloated face like his face is about to splatter out his brains again.

In the OVA Merkava's Final Hamon, an alternate dimension Carmine is seen wearing his Burger King kids crown and doing the foot lettuce meme, while giving THOT Slayer energy to Merkava.

In BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle anime Vol. 2 Episode 3 "Oops" Carmine appears as Overlord's minion and try to beat Hakjumen, but got lost by one punchj. Calls out Overlord for not tag battle help him.


  • Carmine's disgusting morphing and movements are similarly similar to Gooby's morphing and talking movements from the web series Mokey's Show.
  • Jin and Carmine are the gaylords of BB Cross Tag Battle XD.
  • Also in Blazblue cross tag battle perfect character roster part 2 it is mention that terumi fuck someone and carmine is the result, it is still unknown if this is true or not


Carmine getting his ass rekt by Hakumen.

Roblox Carmine

Carmine Foot Lettuce

An example of Carmine splattering his own face like the retard he is.

He's about to splatter his own fuckin face. Carmine is such a wannabe Terumi sometimes.