Bootleg Batman from Batman aka Night Rogue aka Kamen Rider Mad Rogue is a manga exclusive character in Hakumen's Bizarre Adventures The Mango.

Backstory Edit

He want to be Batman beecause Hazmat is Bootleg Joker and every villain need hero to fight them. And there are too many waifus trying to take over da universe. So he decided to become Bootleg Batman to fight Bootleg Joker and to beat shit out of waifus as Batman. He is also billionaire.

Appearances Edit

First appeared in Hakumen's Bizarre Adventures The Mango where he see Bootleg Joker beating shit out of Platinum. Bootleg Batman decided to intervene. He punch shit out of Bootleg Joker and declared that it was wrong to beat shit out of Platinum because that was Batman's job to do so. So he proceeded to do so, but Bootleg Joker said he did it first. Then Bootleg Batman and Bootleg Joker got into fight and Bootleg Batman beat shit out of Bootleg Joker, but Bootleg Joker retreat and Platinum ran off. Bootleg Batman declared that he will defeat all waifufags and declared Bootleg Joker as his bootleg nemesis afterwards.

Fun Facts Edit

  • Likes to beat shit out of waifus and waifufags.
  • Tries to look like Batman, but not enough batswag.

Gallery Edit

Arkham Waifu THOT Slayer Armor

Bootleg Batman in Arkham Anti-Waifu THOT Slayer Armor

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