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-The catchphrase said before punching the inner THOT.

BEGONE THOT is a superpower that allows the user to get rid of their inner THOTS and unlock their tru potential.

How to use BEGONE THOT Superpower[]

Take a look deep inside of ur soul, then when u meet THOT part of soul, u habe to say, "BEGONE THOT" and punch THOT in the face.


In BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle anime Vol.2 Episode 1 "Hidden threat", Sensei Дpyг teaches Hakumen and Susanoo how to use BEGONE THOT power. Susanoo successfully overcomes his THOT, but luckily Hakumen had no THOT thanks to Jesus.


Дpyг demonstrating BEGONE THOT power to Hakumen and Susanoo.

Susanoo using BEGONE THOT before punching his inner THOT in the face.

Overlord Baron's BEGONE THOT Power being unleashed on his inner THOT.