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--Sound-byte for Angry German Kid and Counter Striker Players Squadron

Angry German Kid and the Counter Strike Players Squadron are a group of NPCs from prequel to Ignis's own game/vrsimulator/datingsim Bizarre Adventure of Hakumen and Friends.


Angry German Kid had recently grown out of Unreal Tournament and decided to play Counter Strike with his loud, but enthusiastic player friends and formed the best squadron in the game. He and his squad even made it to EA tournaments because of their dank skillz. Just remember, they can be VERI STEALTHI. They work for Litchi and will appear when notified by "code X".


First appears in Bizarre Adventures of Hakumen and Friends Vol.1 Episode 3 "Don't give Whiskas to your cat" where they are notified by Litchi to wreck TRAP Vsauce disguised as Noel. They are shown to use switft maneuverz and dank stealth skills. Angry German Kid and his Counter Strike squad end up ruining Litchi's place instead.


  • Never 1v1 Angry German Kid or else he'll break his keyboard again.
  • Most of his squad mates range from ages 10-16.
  • Known to fight side by side with the Ginyu Force Tokusentai.