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"I prefer more pizza with cabbage."

-Adachi disagreeing over pineapple pizza with Terumi/Susanoo

Adachi is one of the protagonists in the hit anime/video game/mango Bizarre Adventure of Hakumen and Friends.


Not much is known about Adachi other than the fact that he got sent to Princess Zamasu for possibly beating shit out of waifus. He ends up becoming good friends with Terumi/Susanoo since they both like to beat shit out of waifus, although their tastes in pizza may vary. Both of them eventually defeat Princess Zamasu and join with Hakumen and Merkava to defeat Mori and return to BB Cross Tag Battle for their chanse to becum playable characterz.

First Appearance[]

Adachi first appears in Bizarre Adventure of Hakumen and Friends Vol. 1 Episode 4 "Edgelords forever" where he meets Susanoo in his Terumi form. During the episode, Adachi and Terumi become "just good friends" and devise a strategy to escape from Princess Zamasu's grasp.

Bizarre adventure of Hakumen and friends Volume 2 l Episode 1[]

Adachi is seen traveling with hakumen and friends in a place where edgy mori point it to them. when he heard story about edgy mori and recreation of the world that hakumen told him Adachi say it's just a prank and "Where's camera" after this hakumen and friends encountered Nine and the first thing Adachi procced to say to her is "Can you move your fat ass faster?" which result in nine ranting about her rights as social justice warrior for 6 1/2 hours later. after this hakumen and friends started traveling again and encountered Tsubaki


  • Is very similar to Bootleg Joker/Terumi/Susanoo and thus became good friends.
  • Love for cabbage is so strong, he manifests his ultimate Persona: Jazz Cabbage aka Yee Cabbage Oro, the Italian Dinosaur of Cabbage and the final Persona of The Jester Arcana.


Adachi summons Jazz Cabbage after getting TRIGGERED by Mori.