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"Trying to play cool huh."


2B is a fanservice porn material waifu who was one of the greatest warrior of THOT Queen Es who was sent to kill Hakumen and Susanoo/Terumi

First appearance[]

She first appear in Vol.2 Episode 1 "Hidden threat".She alongside with asuna teleported into Дpyг Dojo of Friendship to ambush Дpyг , гʎdД , Hakumen , Susanoo/Terumi but failed because their THOT level is so massive they easily detect them without much effort. then she began to fough with asuna against Hakumen and Susanoo she then began to call out her fans but failed .before hakumen attack got her she fused into A2 with asuna but got "Omae wa mou shinderu" by Hakumen and A2 was already cutted into 1000000 times by him