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"Hello my name is Дpyr I am the Great Sage of Friendship"

Дpyг also refer as Apyr or друг he is the Great sage of friendship who train hakumen in Vol. 2 episoide 1 "Hidden threat" he also has a friend name "гурд" who is a groot

First appearance[]

Дpyr make a appearance in Vol.2 episode 1 "Hidden threat" when Edgy mori (Shadow mori , Bloodkiller Mori , CrimsonEdge Mori etc) send Hakumen and susanoo/terumi to train when they first meet Дpyr he ask them to spar with him they fight so fast no one can see them this show that Дpyr is one of the strongest character in Dinnerverse because he can keep up with both Hakumen and Susanoo and even said it would end more faster with his friend гурд after that Дpyr began training with Hakumen and Susanoo he teach Susanoo and Hakumen to destroy their inner THOT But hakumen has no inner THOT in because jesus remove all of his inner THOT when he resurrect him then month pass later he began to spar with hakumen and susanoo final time but this time with his friend he and his friend then got defeated in spar with Hakumen and Susanoo this prove that Hakumen and Susanoo are very fast learner and can surpass people very fast then they got ambushed by 2B and Asuna who threw pantsu at them but Дpyr and гурд sense it because their THOT power level is so big he then let Hakumen and Susanoo fight them because he want to see how his training has come before going to drink a tea with his buddy